… Who live in financially and socially unsound circumstances…

Many people who have contacted us in the last few years in search of help have also expressed almost in the same breath that they cannot financially afford our work. We love to give. However, the requests for our help free of cost have accumulated enormously over time.

We then often invited these people to attend our seminars free of cost or we have helped them elsewhere – gladly and with all our hearts.

But, we ask ourselves more and more often now: where do we begin where do we stop? Is it fair towards other participants, who in some cases stint themselves for a long time to be able to participate in seminars while we allow others to participate for free? How do we deal in this context with the issue of valuing and changing of the energy of resonance? If somebody always gets everything, or a lot, given to him as a present does he then have the opportunity to change his energy resonance of ‘being a victim’?

Sometimes we took the initiative to help when we had the feeling that change was needed, because ‘we only meant well’. But we had to learn that in the long run the person who received assistance in that way was not necessarily really being helped.

After much consideration we are happy to announce that we have now found a solution that feels good to us. We have created an assistance program, for which people who live in financially and socially unsound circumstances can apply. We then decide intuitively after receiving the application.

If you think you fit the bill and you feel ‘caught’ in your financial situation you can apply for a seminar of your choice by clicking below.

Please explain your financial situation to us in your application. Thank you.

Click here to apply for the waiting list.