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General conditions for participation

By submitting the application for the seminar you agree to the following conditions for participation:


Please send us your registration for this seminar either in writing or via email. The registrations are regularly processed according to the time of receipt. We will acknowledge the receipt of your registration through an automated email.


Christine Salopek reserves the right to postpone a seminar due to an important reason or due to the number of participants being too low. In this case Christine Salopek will refund the seminar fees in full.

If your cancellation is received 6 weeks before the start of the seminar, a cancellation fee of 50.00 Euros will apply. If a cancellation is received 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar 50% of the seminar fees will be charged and for cancellations up to 2 weeks before the seminar the entire amount of the seminar fees will be charged. The cancellation is required to happen either in writing or via email. The date of the receipt of the cancellation is the determining factor. You are welcome to designate a replacement participant at any time and that would eliminate all cancellation fees.

The participation fees are payable upon receipt of the invoice.

Exceptions are the ‘Just Women CLASSIC’ Seminars.

Here, each application will be forwarded directly to the seminar management of the chosen seminar. They will contact you directly and will calculate the seminar fees independently and autonomously.


Registrations for ‘You and I’ programs, for the ‘Christine 12 Week Special’, for ‘A New Way’ and for the ‘Authentic Single Person Life-Coaching’ can be cancelled within the first 14 days after the registration and booking, and afterwards not at all.


We prepare very intensely for this work; we invest much time in advance and reserve the dates.

Therefore, after the 14 days it is only possible to postpone it. The amount for the booked program is to be paid in advance. In case of early termination there is no claim for reimbursement of costs possible.

Thank you very much,

Christine and Robert Salopek


The Remote Energy Healing or the personal treatments on-site are work methods outside of the area of empirical nature science. Therefore the success of the energy treatments cannot be predicted or measured.

It has been explained to me and I acknowledge that I have been explicitly informed that I merely receive assistance through energy work methods, which in no way represent or can replace an orthodox medical treatment.

I attest that no promise has been made to me of any kind of success, especially in regard to healing or relief from suffering and that I undertake this treatment of my own free will.

I further explicitly declare that I also endorse the fact that through the energy treatment I do not expect relief or improvement in my condition of suffering and disease. Accordingly, the energy work does not represent a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

I have been further informed that for any kind of diagnosis, therapy and treatment I have to refer to a physician, psychologist or psychotherapist.

I have paid the treatment fees out of my own free will and I declare that I consider the amount of remuneration to be appropriate. Accordingly, I explicitly waive reimbursement of the treatment fees that I have paid, be it in whole or in part, and therefore I refrain from challenging the contract at hand because applying energy-work methods is my own particular preference of treatment.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our sessions and events are not a therapy. We do not make any diagnoses. We cannot promise healing. Our sessions and events do not replace a physician, naturopath or medication, every client has full personal responsibility for himself/herself.

In Germany spiritual healing is permitted and does not require a certification in naturopathy. The German Constitutional Court ruled on March 2nd 2004 (AZ: 1 BvR 784/03): ‘Persons, who activate the self-healing powers of the patient and do not make any diagnoses do not require the certification in naturopathy to do so.’ Thanks to the lawyers Ulrich Sauthoff, Harald Roth, Susanne Hofmann and Dr. Bernhard Firgau, who have obtained this landmark decision.