Holistic Company Anamnesis by Robert Salopek

»  The “Spirit” in the company is seen and felt with the holistic Company Anamnesis.  «

In this new form of consulting companies are understood as a holistic system similar to the principles of homeopathy and not as a collection of individual (business) areas. A deeper insight into a company becomes possible by capturing its wholeness – and we know that a selective change in the system can affect the entire organization.

As in homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine, that both have a “holistic image of man”, in holistic Company Anamnesis we look at all areas, not just the visible outer symptoms or conditions. To make a diagnosis in homeopathy or in traditional Chinese medicine the patient and his complaints are seen as a whole in the context of his environment.

It’s not just from traditional Chinese medicine that we know that the unity of body, mind and soul in its environment is extremely important. A disease always affects the entire body and never one area alone. The mode of action of traditional Chinese medicine is to restore the flow and harmony between body, mind and soul.

In holistic Company Anamnesis it is precisely this image that is transferred to the company. It is seen as a unit, as a whole, in conjunction with its environment. A blockage or malfunction in a company always affects the entire organization and never just one area alone. The approach of holistic Company Anamnesis is to bring the “body”, the “spirit” and the “soul” of a company back into balance so as to restore that balance.

Just as with humans, the “heart” and the “head” of a company must also be in unison for an unobstructed, harmonious flow of energy. If one of the two areas is neglected, an imbalance is created. If a man listens to his head too much, he may miss important information sent from his heart and his intuition. So it is also within a company.

As recent studies show, our brains while thinking produce electromagnetic waves that can be measured on the surface of the head and which spread from there into the environment. Even before our vibrations reach other living things, they act on our own bodies. Every thought we think instantly changes the frequency of our body’s cells – positively or negatively. If our thoughts are constructive in nature then we have available an incredibly effective tool to sustainably increase our success. But stronger than any thought is the power of the heart.

The California Institute of HeartMath© has scientifically proven that the electric force of the heart is up to 60 times stronger than the electrical signal of the brain, while the magnetic field of the heart even is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain.

This proves that our heart force shapes the environment. In order to achieve sustainable changes in the core and in the environment, it is important to build a “heart-centered” life and to connect with the intelligence and the leadership of the heart.

Mind alone does not lead to the desired success.

Even if a company is already successful this does not mean that it has maximized the potential of its “heart power”. What could a company be in unison with this power that is 5,000 times stronger than our power of thought? How much more effective and successful could it be then?

A company that ignores its “Power of the Heart” and relies only on the mind will never be truly successful. Excellence can only be achieved when in line with the heart, the heart power, and then it happens easily, as if by itself. The company is then in the so-called “flow”. This means that it is then in line with the flow of the whole. Have you ever seen a tree that strained to grow up? If a company has arrived in its “heart” and acts with the power of the heart, then it belongs to the winners of the future.

With Holistic Company Anamnesis the “Spirit” of the company is seen and felt.