Symbols & Energy Fields, the bridge to your gifts and talents

The bridge to the Universe


The book “P.O.W.E.R – Take your life into your own hands” can help you to find the path to this bridge, to place yourself on it and – simply walk on it!

Energy fields, encodings, colors, shapes and light beings – to recognize and use the power of the symbols can become a treasure trove for each user. And for all areas of life. For simply being, working with people, in everyday life, in the family, for health and also for the economic aspects. The reader will find in the book “P.O.W.E.R – Take your life into your own hands” a multitude of symbols and encodings with explanations and descriptions for possibilities for using them. He can also find advice and support for many different life situations and can return to his original very own power, which is inherent in every one of us.

The path through the symbol models, which have existed for thousands of years, leads to a learning of the inner language and to a personal revelation of the cosmic order. To developing of the master qualities. This access to unlimited knowledge and to the tools from the mystical language of the symbols is open for everybody. All this is within us!

Many people who get in touch with it again through the reading of the book and working with it can discover in no time at all their own huge potential regarding gifts and skills, wonderful feelings and powers, that are inherent in them. This is one of the most valuable gifts on the spiritual path, to be able to feel and live this newly won authentic feeling of your being.

This path of the spiritual unfolding is a long journey, which doesn’t know any shortcuts and which can lead you to enlightenment and spiritual mastery. However, after a rocky path of learning the secrets, which the symbolism in connection to the laws of nature contains, it is possible for each one of us to be simply content and happy. The learning itself never stops… that’s life! With all its highs and lows.

After attaining enlightenment, the spiritual mastery within you, only the dealing with the experiences in daily life changes. The drama of all the highs and lows in life has now lost its momentum, its attraction. There remains a reality, which can evoke joy as well as sadness within. The duality as such remains. And the judgment of these qualities disappears and the way we deal with it changes. The joy is being lived with the same neutrality as the sadness, without actually losing the feeling itself. You learn to see everything with your heart, and life then gets a balanced rhythm – the rhythm of the heart and the inner voice. The inner language, which gets enlivened through the symbols, presents the keys to many cosmic possibilities that are in turn anchored in every human being. And everybody who can trustingly dedicate himself to the process and the work with the symbols will be able to feel this true power within, and the very own mandate of the soul, which is resting and waiting within, can be then finally lived.

Soon in English!