How it all began

Up to 2006 I lead the life of a classic housewife: I had a husband, 3 children, and enjoyed the pleasant, affluent life-style we had built for ourselves. This included a beautiful house, two great cars and apparent happiness and harmony in our marriage and family life.

But I had no self-confidence at all, my image then was that of a beautiful wife standing next to my successful husband, although at the time neither of us saw it that way. For us everything was just perfect! For all those around us we seemed like the perfect couple. Everything felt just fine to me and I had no idea of what was hidden within me, and what began to develop then.

My life was turned upside down from one day to the next and I began a journey into what was then an unknown world. At this point in time I didn’t believe in God. I could easily imagine that something was out there, but I didn’t spend any special thought on the issue. I didn’t believe in angels. If I read or heard about them I thought they were just nice stories. And I made a big detour around healers, energy workers and anything related to spiritual life. To be honest, I thought they were all weirdos …

In 2007, with open eyes and quite suddenly and surprisingly, I began to see energy fields in the sky. At first I didn’t know what all the spirals, lines, images like bunches of grapes, circles, and points meant, but in the following weeks they began to join together into one big picture.

My husband Robert was sent down the same path almost at the same time. He – who was this absolutely stylish and cerebral person because of his position as an independent business consultant – began to see the auras of people. What he saw was completely different to how they are normally described. At the same time he began to suddenly hear voices communicating with him and see the spirit beings they belonged to.

Maybe that all sounds very cool, but the beginnings were really tough for us. We had absolutely no idea of what was going on with us. We couldn’t understand very much with the mind, but obviously our souls carry the ground energy of absolute trust in them because eventually we were able to just relax into the new situation. Into this whole new life, really. And yet, the first three years on this path were basically set on “spin” cycle, without “prewash” or “wash” – just “spin”! They were very turbulent years.

Getting to know the angels and the spirit world was a wonderful process. They talked quite normally with us from the very beginning, which really amazed me after googling

“channeling”. What was written there wasn’t what I was experiencing. Because the angels just talked to me the way I myself talk, in normal everyday language. Simple, normal, sometimes flippant and joking, and sometimes serious, fatherly and guiding. The language always fit the life situation in which we found ourselves at the time.

Things went pretty much the same with Robert. From the very beginning onwards he found he had a friend at his side, who introduced himself as “Theo”. He showed him images of a past life in which they walked through the land together as healers. That was the beginning of Robert’s ability as a seer. After about a year and a half “Theo” revealed himself to be Master Saint Germaine and told him that in this life he would always be at Robert’s side, guiding him on the path.

In the beginning we met almost exclusively with the Archangel Metatron. Both of us clung to him almost as a father in order to deal with and work through everything this path brought us – the gifts and abilities that showed themselves little by little, but also all the challenges.

Perhaps some of you may think “well, that’s pretty easy then, if you can hear angels and they direct you”. But believe me, when there were situations – and there were plenty – which we could only alter by using our own feelings and experiences then our helpers remained dumb and we were thrown back on our own resources. Then it was “TRUST and keep going …”

I often went into the forest to cry my eyes out, because there was so much I didn’t understand. All the feelings, all the images I had begun to see. Images, colors, shapes … faces, dead entities, dark beings – all the voices whose origin was unknown to me at the beginning. I was often exhausted and totally overwhelmed and if I had not seen it with my eyes open – I would have labeled myself as crazy.

Naturally I now know that it was all meant for our highest good, no matter how hard or sad or difficult the situation felt.

Looking back today, eight years later, Robert and I have been allowed to experience and live so much through and with the angel world. Both of us together. I see it as a huge gift that we can go down this path together – albeit at rapid pace, like a high speed express train, I always say! We see the angels with our eyes, we hear them and have them in our hearts. They are constant companions and we let ourselves be guided gratefully. Our channel is always open and we don’t have to meditate or become still in order to communicate with the spirit world. The channel is always present and has become completely normal for us.

Our two sons, nine and eleven years old, are also highly sensitive. They see angels, deceased people and nature beings and in their childish way describe a multidimensional vision coupled with information. They use their skills quite consciously

and call the angles when they need help or to ask advice when they have any problems. Nonetheless, they live their lives just like ordinary boys. One plays electric guitar and the other soccer, always with their helper angels and beings at their side. There are many of these children who carry this alignment in their souls and can hold these gifts and tendencies, whether their parents perceive and encourage them or not.

Sometimes I think to myself “Where will these children be in ten or twenty years?” This thought triggers an infinite delight in me, because they are the future! These children will change the world, no matter in what positions they end up.

Now I ask the angels to give me the words for the way I may describe them here.

Metatron passes the following on to me:

“It is very important to us not to be divided into categories. There are an infinite number of angels and we all have our tasks that are on equal terms. We ourselves do not distinguish whether an archangel now has a “higher and more important” position than angel “No. 1001″ (this is the first time I get a number instead of an angel name), because at every moment every angel is doing what is best for the highest good of man, at whose side they stand. Whether this is leading the way correctly during a car journey or the protection of a child.”

Now I get the picture of a meditation, which I have spoken of once before. Whenever I speak of a meditation, there is an angel or other being of light speaking through me.

At the end of this meditation, the group was led into a room in the universe. There was a large round table. At this table sat Jesus, feminine figures of light, archangels, small bright souls that looked like children, big impressive figures of light, whose names I did not know, etc. What was the essence of this image?

The group that I led in this meditation was asked to come to this “high-profile” table. Archangel Metatron stood up and in the following words offered a NEWCOMER to take his place: “Come over to our table and allow the unity and equality of all that is into your heart. Be free of evaluating and accept what you see here, to grow and to show yourself in your true size. Allow yourself to be free.”

Eventually, the angels asked us to take our perceptive abilities and what we do and offer seminars to the world. Initially it was not easy to stand in front at a seminar, and not know what we were supposed to be doing and just trust that the right thing would happen. But the miraculous guidance we have enjoyed through our “YES” and our trust

was gigantic. As soon as the group was in the room and I had spoken the first meditation, everything was present. The information, every procedure came out of the now as if lead by the hand of an angel. For both of us, for myself and for Robert.

And through the happenings, healings and heart openings starting at the first seminar we had our evidence that we were on the right track. The spirit world knows that we need evidence for our minds and to strengthen our confidence and trust. These days we no longer need it, but it’s always nice to read about and see in the seminars the things that can happen.

These days we no longer do anything that is against our feeling. In all areas of our lives. For us there is nothing any more that can’t be.

In recent years we’ve come in contact with so many things and have been led by a variety of light beings from one level to another and given guidance there. This rich diversity was initially very difficult to process, let alone to comprehend with the mind. Today we are in contact with a variety of light beings, from representatives of native peoples and creatures of nature, with the Atlanteans, Mayas, Lemurians, masters, souls, angels, fairies, and animals to Christ and Mary Magdalene. Those energies that are helpful to current life or healing situations always make themselves available.

For us everything has but one origin and everyone can draw upon this source, for every person carries the divine spark within. From this spark we were allowed to ignite a fire for many, and the way is once again smoothed out. Wherever this path may lead to for each person.

Lots of love,
Christine Salopek