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We’ve provided here a range of offerings that can answer your questions in all areas of economic and financial concern. In my years of experience as an entrepreneur, businessman and coach I have had to deal with many different people from all fields, and have always found that:

There is the emotional “heart–type” and the rational “head-type” of person.

The first, ie. the “heart group”, is emotional, solves problems instinctively, pays more attention to their feelings, but lets the stress of everyday life get to them. The “head people”, however, think rationally and logically, tend to have a certain “coolness”, but can deal better with stress. Where would you place yourself? Do you listen better with your head or your heart? Are you more of a “rational thinker” or an “emotional decider”?

I know both sides and will gladly support you on your own path if you need help in business matters. Click through our offerings and just see what you’re attracted to.

All the best, Sincerely Robert Salopek

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