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An extraordinary couple, who want to inspire others to hear the voice of their hearts.


The two authors, Christine and Robert Salopek, are spirit healers and mediums who live in Germany and lead seminars Europe-wide, focused on the themes of holistic healing and development of consciousness. Both are clairaudient, clairvoyant and psychic. Through their exceptional abilities hundreds of visitors to their seminars, from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, have again come in contact with their own power of the heart and potential for gifts. Not infrequently physical or psychological problems are alleviated or totally disappear.

christine_300x400_neuChristine Salopek has the ability to see morphogenetic fields with eyes open, as well as countless symbols and various encodings, and has a direct contact to the angels and archangels. She has direct access to the limitless wisdom of the mystical language of symbolism and is a channel for all the information that is associated with it. The pathway of the symbol models, which have always existed, leads to the learning of an inner speech, to a personal revelation of cosmic order and the unfolding of one’s own mastery. Within the framework of her “Soul – Key” work, for example, Christine Salopek leads her counterpart back to a life when the soul had acted from pure heart, in which the person had lived their strength, their light and their gifts in full unity with all. The transmission and connection to this energy that is deeply rooted in the soul and is activated by the “Soul Key” allows “retrieving” of one’s very own gifts, which are then lived once again in this life and may lead to a new way of total freedom and independence.

robert_300x400Robert Salopek also functions as a medium for the Archangel Metatron and the ascended Master St. Germaine, has contact with the spirit world, and among other means, guides both people and companies through an innovative coaching method – the Company Anamnesis by Robert Salopek – on their way towards an autonomous, successful and happy life. One of his abilities is a particular kind of aura sight. Robert Salopek doesn’t see the auras in their usual structure and colors, but in round forms such as circles and globes – with people and animals, but also with properties, companies, logos, workplaces, and so on. He sees dents, cuts, injuries and blockages – everything that the unflawed original form has lost. He is also able to see the seven chakras and their energy streams. Since every kind of energy body strives to return to its original perfect form after experiencing disturbances in it, through his gift of special aura vision Robert Salopek can help to harmonize energy forms to approach their original perfect form and thus reach healing.

Another particularly exceptional kind of energy work are the remote energy transfers that take place through Christine and Robert Salopek, and which initiate a great deal of resonance. Hundreds of people regularly take part in it, and consequently report improvements and great relief on both the physical and spiritual levels and in all areas of their lives.

It’s not just personal meetings with Christine and Robert Salopek that allow people to develop their own talents and skills and rapidly make huge leaps of consciousness. Many people also report such phenomena at their events. In addition, Christine and Robert Salopek want to encourage other people to live an authentic life, to choose the Way of the Heart, and they want to support them in it.

Everything the two authors have experienced and learned over the past years has been passed on to the reader and fully described in “P.O.W.E.R. – Take your life into your own hands”. In a clear, understandable way, they detail how major life changes can take place with the use of the symbols and one’s own heart power, and how to travel the path to lightness and an authentic life step by step.

The two authors take everything that manifests from this as a gift from the Divine, whether it be inner radiance or a wonderful outer contentment in life, happiness in family and partnership, or fun and success in business. They both pass on their knowledge and their experiences in a loving and authentic way in this first book of theirs.

In November 2013 their second book, “Power Ho’oponopono” (Luechow Publishing House), arrived on the market. In this book, Christine and Robert Salopek connect the ancient Hawaiian shamanic healing method Ho’oponopono with the power of symbols and present it with original formulations of powerful sentences of forgiveness adapted for today, in a fresh and modern form.

Christine and Robert Salopek live together with their children in southern Bavaria near Augsburg. In addition to their work as mediums and healers, they founded the company Spirit Solution UG, within which the projects JUST WOMEN® by Christine Salopek, AUTHENTIC LIFE COACH® (AUTHENTIC ACADEMY) and AUTHENTIC HELP® among others were called to life. The natural cosmetic line SILENOS® is also found under the Spirit Solution UG umbrella.

The radiance of the heart brought about by an authentic life – that is the true radiance, which replaces the mere appearance of being!

Available Releases

“P.O.W.E.R. – Take Your Life into Your Own Hands of“ (2012) ISBN 978-3-95529-000-9

“Power Ho’oponopono“ (November 2013) ISBN 978-3-89901-808-0


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Important Notice

Christine and Robert Salopek are not medical doctors and may not make diagnoses, and cannot, will not and may not replace a medical consultation, nor give any promise of healing. Spiritual healing serves to activate the strength of self-healing and does not replace a medical diagnosis and treatment by a doctor or naturopath.

Reader reviews of the book P.O.W.E.R.


“This book is super easy to read and lets you stay with it … and what I think is great is that the DOING bits are written in capitals with everyday, practical tips!! I highly recommend it! THANK YOU to all the helpers of the earthly & spiritual world!”

“This book from two wonderful authors in cooperation with wonderful helpers is an in-depth reading, which in conjunction with the symbol cards and CDs, speaks to everyone who wants to work with it and on themselves. The personal story of the authors has moved me very deeply and showed me what is possible. Thank you!”

“A wonderful book. Not only the story of two people who encounter a New World. For me they also answer quite a few questions that I had. The symbols are an additional tool. Many thanks.”

“A wonderful book! It begins with an exciting and moving story of the two authors and their journey into a totally new life and new life perception. A huge practice part in the book is dedicated to the implementation of different symbols, which are presented in the book and which can be helpful in many life situations. Recommendation: absolutely worthwhile reading!”

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